A Car Traveled 200 Mi. On 12 1/2 Gal. Of Gas. How Many Miles Per Gallon Did It Get?


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.06 all you have to do is take the number of mileage and divide by number of gas used
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Gladys Metzger
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So if I understand this right, you have to subtract the miles on the vehicle from the miles on when I fill the tank up?


Not correct?

P. S. I'd really like to see this problem in form: I.e. 2000 miles subtract 1950 miles. Comprehend?
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X = Miles/gallon (MPG)
y = 200 miles driven
z = 12.5 gallons used

x = y / z or...

MPG = 200 miles/12.5 miles/gallon = 16 miles per gallon


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