Water Leak 97 Ford Ranger. Can You Help?


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There are only so many places water could be coming from.
1. Radiator
2. Radiator hose
3. Water pump
4. Coolant reservoir
5. And water leaks under a car from ac condensation
Is the water pouring out, or just dripping? Do you have anti-freeze in your radiator? And do you see anti-freeze in the water that leaks out?
And is your ranger running hot?
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Perry Cooper
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no coolent add water to radiator it pours out from front of engine
C Harper
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Wow..unlocker..that is weird, I don't think water in an engine is a good thing..lol... You may have a cracked block and water is getting into your engine that way, or a blown headgasket. but I always heard that if water was getting in to your engine that way..your oil would be "milky" in appearance..I have never heard of water pouring out of the engine. The only thing I can think of is that "it looks like its coming out of the engine" but is really just running of it from the actual leak. If I were you, i would take it to a shop right away..Engine and water do not mix...good luck with your truck and please let me know when you find out where its coming from. (now im curious)

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