How Do I Run A Nc Car Tag To Find The Owner?


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You can also try to get the VIN #---i.e. Go to a mall, etc. (get a buddy to write it down--as I'm assuming if someone is following you---they will follow you into the mall).    The Vin# is more powerful than a plate anyway (ie plate could be fake, wrong car,etc.).    VIN tells you who owns the car, where they live, their SSN# (Lean Holder---if any---how much they owe on the car, etc.).    When you go to "test drive" a Car on a Dealer Lot---they all do this (pull your information up from the car you left parked on the parking lot---so, I bet they know more about YOU...than YOU DO (i.e. For example---to the PENNY---(and Minute)---how much you owe on the car if you have a note).    Scary stuff....    By the way, I always ride with mine covered up (old piece of junk mail, etc.)--for that very reason.  Also, have my TAG and DL registered to a P.O. Box.  ONLY a Cop can pull  the underlying Data of my (last updated) home Address in the system.

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