Where Is Cabin Air Filter On 2001 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer?


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In order to find the cabin air filter on a Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer, you should first make sure that you are standing in front of the vehicle, looking at the engine. From here, look on the back left side of the engine, next to the heater fan, for a black cover over the top of the container. The air filter is approximately six in by nine in and about two in deep. Look for the black casing, this will be about ten inches across and eight inches high and sits vertically against the firewall of the vehicle. This box is the cabin air filter. If you are having trouble locating the cabin air filter, ask for a second pair of eyes or try to find your car manual, which should describe it in more detail.

If you are planning to change your cabin air filter there are a few simple steps you can carry out to do it yourself. First, remove the cover of the cabin air filter by prying it open with a screwdriver. Don’t worry if the plastic tabs come off, they are cheap and easy to replace. Remove the filter and get rid of any dust and debris in the container. Wipe it down and let it dry before inserting the new filter. Place it into the container and secure the cover, remove all of your tools from the engine compartment before closing the hood. Test the new filter, allowing a few minutes to clear any dirt you may have missed, and check to see if the air now flowing through your car is clean. If you are having any problems installing a new cabin air filter into your Ford Expedition, you should contact a garage or automotive store to help. They will be able to provide you with more detailed advice or even install it for you.
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If it has one it will be behind the glove box .
Open the glove box push in on the sides and the glove box will come out the bottom hinge will hold it on behind that. There will be a plastic cover with 4 plastic tabs push them in pull the cover off and there is your CAF.

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