What Are The Pros And Cons Of Owning A Motor Car?


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Of course, owning a motor car has a number of positive and negative connotations for the owner. Learning to drive and owning a car are almost givens in today's society, yet a number of people are less and less interested in the ownership of a motor car.

Once you have a car, you can travel anywhere, you can escape your immediate confines and travel hundreds of miles in any direction you wish, that's a simple and positive pro, you can transport things, you can help people, you can get jobs where cars are necessary.

They cost money. Road tax, MOT, spare parts, petrol and I've never met anyone whose car was actually running perfectly, there's always a noise or this or that, which is not quite right.
They also devalue the moment you get them, so selling the car is always going to be at a loss. You are also less likely to walk to places and get fresh air and exercise if you have a car.
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They produce a lot of CO2

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