Why Do We Use Cars?


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We use cars to get around places faster in less time, transport goods to other towns and countries, bring people to differnt places such as soccer practice, and go places in every day life
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We use cars whether new car or used car, to travel at different without any rush and problems of overcrowding.

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Cars are all about transport! These days, it is more than transport too - it's convenience and comfort and a status symbol too. And it'll all be reflected in the price that you'll have to pay when you look at financing it too.

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We use cars to transport to A to B but we shouldn't what were doing is wasting are money to buy  a car or using gas what we should be doing  is walk if needed or take a bus if possible
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We use cars because we people want to go to a place that is very important(e.g office, school, etc.) in just a short time.
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We use cars to go a certain place that we people can't reach by using our feet only. It is way convenient for us humans that we are using this kind of machine.
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For transportation!!! To get from one place to another. We need them for our daily lives!

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