Where is the headlight relay switch located on 2002 chevy cavalier?


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Connor Sephton answered
You won't actually find a headlight relay switch on this make and model of vehicle. People who encounter problems with their headlights will generally replace the headlight switch, rather than the non-existent relay switch, to correct the problem.

DIY Car Repair Tips

• Check online message boards to see how other Chevy Cavalier owners are doing their car repairs. There are many active and useful message boards for car repair enthusiasts; these message boards will allow users to post topics or questions, and solicit discussions and answers from other forum members. These message boards provide DIY car repair newbies with excellent resources they can draw from when they try to repair their headlight switches or other mechanical parts.
• Finding cheap used car parts can be easier when you use online auction sites or online classified ad services - eBay and Craigslist are two examples. When bidding for items, or discussing items with a seller, be sure to ask questions and make sure the car part is exactly what you need. When it comes to car parts, the more you understand about your vehicle and how it works, the better...if you need to read your car owner's manual from cover the cover to get the gist of your vehicle, do it...you will learn so much, and you won't waste money buying the wrong parts. Schematics and 2-D blueprints of your car will also be helpful, as they will assist you in getting a sense of your vehicle's systems and how they work together to make your car run properly.

Sometimes, paying a mechanic to fix your vehicle can be the right choice. Although mechanics charge quite a bit for their time, they are specialists, and, if they are certified mechanics, they will ensure that your car runs smoothly, and is safe to drive.

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