What's The Color Code For A 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo Stereo Wiring?


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Chevrolet's are now iconic cars to have in the US. If you are changing the car stereo and are unsure of what you are doing, it is always best to take it to an expert to find out how to rewire the stereo. Alternatively, you could ask someone on a specialist internet forum for people who are interested in Chevrolet. There are many Chevrolet enthusiasts out there who may be able to tell you the answer. These types of community forums are very useful to get answers from experts and enthusiasts and also a great way to chat to some like minded people with similar interests from around the world.
It is possible to find out the paint code for a particular part of your Chevrolet car you can have a look for the identification sticker and the information you need can be found on that. The sticker will more than likely be located somewhere inside the panel and will be white for older models and will be silver for newer models. The code on the sticker will usually beginning with 'BC/CC' and will be followed by 4 digits. BC/CC stands for basecoat/clearcoat and it may be followed by a U which stands for upper of body color. If your vehicle has two tone paintwork the 4 digit number will be followed by a U and then and L.
If you cannot find the identification sticker, there is a great website you can visit to find out the color code:

You will first need to select the year of the vehicle, followed by the model and then you can match a rough color description to the color code. The color description may be 'Millie Miglia Red' or 'Corvette Red' which can become a little confusing. If you are unsure of the official name for the color of your vehicle you could take it to an expert or search through the vehicle documentation to see if it is there.

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