Where Can I Find Online A Free 2001 Ford Taurus Repair Manual?


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You can find the appropriate online repair manual at this website: pdfservicemanual.com/automotive/2001-ford-taurus-owners-manu It can be quite common for people to have a damaged tensioner pulley due to internal or external problems. If this happens you will need to replace the pulley immediately as it is responsible for holding the tension on the serpentine drive belt which is essential. You can replace the pulley yourself by firstly finding the serpentine belt routing diagram under the hood. It should be found written on a sticker on either the bottom of the hood or the fan shroud. Once you've located the tensioner from the diagram, use the serpentine belt tensioner tool to connect to the belt tensioner and slowly move the tensioner away from the belt. You will then be able to use your hands to move the belt from the pulley and then you can remove the pressure from the tensioner and the tool.

Take off the bolt from the center of the tensioner and then lift the pulley. Grab our new pulley and thread the bolt through its center and when its thread properly it can be tightened down with the socket set. After that you should place the tensioner to the side once again with the tool and then put the belt over the new tensioner pulley you have just installed. Release the pressure on the tool and tensioner once more and then take away the tool from the engine. Make sure you double check that the belt on each pulley is secure and positioned correctly. If the belt is moving properly when you start the engine then you have completed the process properly.
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Most things that are free are worth every penny you paid for them.

Lots of help for Taurus owners here: www.taurusclub.com

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