How Do I Change Transmission Fluid For A 2006 Toyota Tundra?


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Changing the transmission fluid for a 2006 Toyota Tundra is not difficult; you will know when it needs changing when it is no longer red. Make sure that it is changed when necessary to avoid any damage.

• The things that you will need to change the transmission fluid
Before you start to change the transmission fluid on your 2006 Toyota Tundra, make sure that you have all the tools and equipment that you need so that the job can be done without any hitches. You will need a funnel; a draw pan; some new transmission fluid; some rags; and a socket wrench.

• Draining the old transmission fluid
First of all, make sure that your Tundra is parked on level ground and that it is stable before you start. You will probably find the job easier to do if the vehicle is raised up, but this is not strictly necessary. If you do raise it, make sure that is it secure before you get underneath.

Using the rags, remove all of the grease and the dirt from the drain plug. Once this is done, place the drain pan underneath the plug and remove it with the socket wrench. Let all of the old transmission fluid to drain away.

Replace the drain plug securely, using a sealing washer if it is necessary. Dispose of the old transmission fluid in accordance to local regulations, and never down a drain.

• Replacing transmission fluid
Using the funnel, add the new transmission fluid through the fill tube. Use the dipstick to check the level, and continue to fill until the necessary level has been reached.

Replace the dipstick and start the engine. Let it idle for a couple of minutes, and shift the transmission through the gears. While the engine is still idling, re-check the fluid level, and if necessary, add some more.

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