What Is A Xv Valve?


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  • XV Valve
An XV valve is a valve on a vehicle which used to control the flow of petrol or another substance, by cutting off the flow and releasing it when necessary.
These valves can also be found on other types of transport than cars, such as mountain bikes.

  • Use
The use for these valves varies on different modes of transport. On a car for example, as mentioned before, it can be used to control flow of fluid.

On a bike however, XV valves form part of the suspension on the back of some bikes. Instead of using a spring, some top of the range mountain bikes have this valve, which can compress air and acts as an alternative form of suspension.

Experts say that this gives the bike rider a smoother ride because it is more responsive than the spring, which can still jerk the rider around on very bumpy surfaces. The valve is better at smoothing out the ride because the air pressure inside it can be altered to make the suspension more stiff or less stiff, depending on the terrain.

If you require more information on this valve, or how it is used on a particular vehicle, contact a local garage or mechanic. They will be able to tell you more detailed information about the XV valve.

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