Where Is The Coolant Temperature Sensor In A Citroen Berlingo?


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  • Where to find it
The cooling temperature sensors on a Citroen Berlingo are located in two different areas. These are on the engine and on the radiator of the car. These areas are the places within the car that are most likely to get hot and cause the car to overheat and stop working.

  • The engine
The engine of a car needs constant cooling and the computer system on this car lets the cooling system know when it needs to kick in and start working. This also controls the speed at which the cooling system works. If the engine is rapidly overheating, the cooling system will work harder to cool down the engine.

If the engine of a car overheats, it can cause irreparable damage and getting a new engine can be extremely costly. If an engine breaks due to overheating, the oil inside will have overheated and separated. This creates a thick, sticky, black substance that you cannot clean out of the engine. If an engine is overheating there will first of all be steam from where the radiator water is evaporating and then, once all of the water has evaporated, there will be smoke from where the oil inside the engine is burning.

Having these sensors and a cooling system on the car will ensure that this does not happen as you will be able to see any unusual activity on the temperature gage on the dashboard. You should stop your car if it is overheating to prevent any damage before it is too late to save the radiator and engine.

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