Where Is The Fuel Filter Located On A 2000 Honda Accord?


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The fuel filter on a Honda Accord 2000 shouldn't be difficult to find, it's located on the driver's side under the hood near to the strut tower and in the back corner of the engine compartment. Since the fuel filter screens out rust and dirt particles, it is recommended that you replace it every 30,000 miles.

  • How do I remove the fuel filter?

Replacing the fuel filter is quite a complex task, but can be achieved by following some straightforward steps. Firstly, place a towel around the fuel rail and allow it to be disconnected from the fuel pump module connector by starting the engine, once it disconnects switch the engine off.

The next step is to remove the power steering hose clamp then take away the engine wiring harness bracket. The banjo bolt then has to be removed from the fuel pipe feed followed by the filter clamp. Once you have done this, you take out the fuel filter and clean the fuel fittings.

  • How do I replace the fuel filter?

Follow the process to remove in reverse and the new filter will be ready for use; following a quick check for leaks before you drive off. Your battery also needs to be disconnected and reconnected during the process.

  • What is the importance of cleaning your fuel filter?

In order for your engine and car to perform at its best, it is essential that the fuel is filtered to remove dangerous particles, any rust or dirt that works its way into your fuel can cause problems and damage the engine. The fuel filter also maintains the flow of fuel reaching the engine and combustion chamber to ensure that the right amount of fuel is being made available.
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Yes usually @ around 60k
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Under bonnet,drivers side bolted to the bulkhead
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You got to get fuel pump it comes with d fuel filter
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In accordance with my knowledge, the fuel filter of the mentioned car is situated in front of the engine. To confirm this statement, you can consult a mechanic. He will guide you with the correct and precise information.

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