How To Roll Up Broken Electric Window 98 Ford Taurus?


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Remove door interior panel to reach the cable that runs the window lift and operate it manually by turning the cable ...on my truck I used a small pair of vise grips clamped on the end to twist it and then  I just hooked it back up until I could repair it..yours may or may not be the same type of scissor lift but it should basically work the same...after looking at the taurus motor and scissor lift I would say you may need to manually crank the motor using a allen wrench but I can't be sure because the pictures are not clear enough to see...basically you will have to crank/turn the motors armitutre by hand to raise the window or  you will have to remove the motor from the lift in order to raise the
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The control switch on the entryway board you can evacuate the entryway board. Unplug the force connector to the force window engine. Utilize a 12 volt power source to hot-wire the force window engine to close it.

In the event that the force window engine has fizzled you could uproot the entryway board. Uproot the force window engine. Lift the entryway class. You would likewise need to devise an approach to hold the entryway glass set up.

Your just other alternative is to convey the auto to a technician and have the force window repaired.

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