My Yamaha Vstar 1100 Custom Won't Start. What Can Be The Problem?


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There are a number of possible reasons your Yamaha V Star 1100 won't start. The first port of call is to clean up all the contacts by lightly brushing them and the surfaces they connect to, as there may be a problem with loss of contact. Start at the battery connections and work your way out.

Another possible reason is that the regulator is faulty. This is a sealed unit and will need to be replaced. If the regulator is faulty it can affect your wiring, lights and the battery. To check if your regulator is working correctly you will need to attach a VOM meter. VOM stands for volts, ohms and milliamps. If the regulator is normal then the reading should be between 13 and 14 volts, if not then the chances are the regulator is the problem.

If you can smell sulphuric acid it is likely that the battery has burnt out and will need replacing. If you replace both the battery and the regulator this should sort the problem out.

Other reasons include the fuel pump being knocked off centre, loose wires and the fuel pump not dumping the pressure when the bike was last turned off. Try turning the key and if not successful try again after a couple of seconds to correct this.

If this fails there is an excellent forum for riders of the Yamaha V Star 1100. You will need to register and login with username and password but the whole community on this forum are friendly and helpful.

The address for the forum is
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Try your ignition control, these are prone to failure on the Yamaha cruisers. Also test the main cable connection between the CDI and fuse box. If this is loose it will effect starting. Try those first off, also check security of fuses. Also look at the battery, if maintenance free, it should read around 12.5 amps. If it requires maintenance check the fluid levels, if necessary top up with DISTILLED water. If that fails, check the connection of the starter assembly on the handlebars and work back, cleaning all connector as your go with WD40 or similar. If all that fails check HT lead connection, alternator/starter motor connections with a circuit tester. If this fails to rectify the fault you may need a new Rectifier, easy enough to find on ebay.

Hope this is of help.
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There are many things that can be wrong with it. To trouble -shoot the bike first, remove the spark plug from the cylinder head, when removed attach the plug to the lead, put the plug agaisnst the engine case, try and start the bike and check for a spark. If there is a spark check that there is fuel going through to allow spontanious combustion.if it has all these factors check the interlocks to make sure your not just stupid. If non of these are a problem it may be siezed.

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