What Is The Ford Escort Cooling System Layout?


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The cooling system of a Ford Escort works in the same way as many other cooling systems. Its main use is to cool the engine of the car and to stop it from overheating. When a car overheats, it will evaporate all of the water in the radiator and then the oil in the engine will have nothing to keep it cool. This will result in the oil within the engine burning and this will cause the engine to break. Once a car engine has had its oil burn, it will have to be replaced as there is no real effective way to clean it out.

The Ford Escort cooling system starts with the radiator. Once the engine is switched on, the radiator is also switched on. The radiator is filled with cold water and it works in the same way as a normal radiator. The hot water rises and the cold water sinks to the bottom. When the water reaches the bottom it is pumped into the top so that it can cool the hot water that is stored there. The radiator and engine are both cooled by a single fan belt that keeps rotating to circulate cool air and reduce the temperature under the bonnet of the Ford Escort.

The hot water becomes hot as the radiator pumps the water around the engine to cool it down. This starts out as cold water from the radiator, but this is heated quickly by the engine as it circulates to keep it cool. It then goes back into the radiator of the car once it has become hot and cooled the engine down.

There are warning signs when the radiator is not working to its full potential or it the engine is getting too hot for the radiator to cool. There is a temperature gage that is on the dashboard of the Ford Escort. This lets you know when the car is getting too hot so that you can stop the engine before any damage can be caused to the car.
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Just like any other cooling system in a car: radiator and single fan belt are the key components. 

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