How to reset anti-theft on mercedes c220?


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Get in the car and close the doors. Put the key in the ignition and turn it to position 2 and then off. Remove the key and aim the infrared transmitter at the knob on the bottom of the mirror. Press and hold the button on the transmitter until the red light stops flashing and the green light flashes. You're done. The car should start and run normally now.

You're not actually resetting the anti-theft system, but re-pairing the key fob transmitter to the car. If this does not work, get out of the car and lock it with the key. Wait 30 seconds and unlock it with the key and start the engine within 30 seconds. The engine should start normally. Shut the car off and try the remote key fob again. If you still get red lights only on the mirror, it's time for a trip to the dealer.

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