How Do I Disable The Car Alarm On My 2002 Ford Explorer?


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Take the car into a garage to find out the best way of dealing with a faulty car alarm (I'm guessing this is why you want the alarm to be disabled?).

They should be able to solve the problem for a relatively small fee, so you don't have to put up with an over-sensitive or malfunctioning alarm.

If you want to disable the alarm yourself - which is not advisable because it severely hampers your vehicle's security - then there should be a button located on the vehicle to do this.

How to disable a 2002 Ford Explorer car alarm.
  • You'll have to locate what is known as the valet/override button.
  • It will be a small spring-loaded, hidden button.
  • It will most possibly be red or black in color.
  • The button should be located in the lower dash area, near your knee.
  • When you have found this button, turn on your ignition.
  • Then press and hold this button until the alarm beeps once.
  • This should now override the car alarm system, and the only security system which will remain in place is the keyless entry part (if your car has one).
  • An LED in the dashboard should go solid to indicate that the alarm has been overridden.
  • To re-enable the alarm, simply repeat this process.
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There is a component underneath the engine - quite difficult to reach, to be honest! Take it to a garage - it shouldn't cost more than about £10.

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