Are Parts From Other Classic Saab 900s Interchangeable, And Do Next Generation 900 Spares Fit?


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Taylor Edgar answered
Most classic 900 parts are interchangeable to a lesser or greater extent. The exceptions in most cases are convertibles and 900 Turbos. Also, some models are slightly wider than others, so some parts, such as bumpers, may not be suitable.

For instance, the base - or squab - the bit you park your rear on, anyway, from a five door 900 will fit a two door saloon. It's a bit of a tight squeeze, though. The doors of the two and five or four door are another story. Doors from a coupe Saab 900 are about 50 per cent wider than those fitted to a four or five door model. Virtually all engine parts and transmission etc. are interchangeable, except on the Turbo version.

As for the NG 900, by which we mean all models postdating the new GM-derived shape, the likelihood of any of these parts fitting a classic are fairly remote. The classic 900 shape was phased out at K-reg (1994/95) in the UK, though occasionally you do see the odd L plate classic.

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