How Do You Remove The Heater Fan Motor Assembly From A Saab 9000 Turbo ?


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Taylor Edgar answered
Never done this on a 9000, but don't suppose it's much different from doing the same job on a classic 900.

To get at the heater fan assembly requires that you remove the instrument panel and then the fascia panel. Are you convinced it is the heater fan that's at fault and not the switch? (Just a thought)

Anyway, first off, you need to undo all the bolts at the bottom edge of the fascia panel. Keep a note of where each comes from as they are different lengths. When the fascia panel is free, tilt it forward carefully ensuring that you don't disturb wiring or hoses in the process. Remove the instrument panel by undoing the retaining screws.

You now, hopefully, will be able to get at the heater fan and have enough room to get at its wiring and undo the retaining screws. If not, you will need to remove the steering wheel to improve your access.

Be sure, then, this is a job this really is required before taking your car apart.

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