My 2001 Ford F150 Surges Or Jumps When I Am Driving Down The Road. Replaced Iac-egr-air Filter-fuel Filter Used Heet And Injector Cleaner. Could It Be The Tranny Or Maybe The Fuel Pump?


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I do not know if you have gotten any help with your problem or not. But if you are still interested, I may be able to help. If the surge/jump occurs only in 3rd or 4th gear on level ground or under slight acceleration then you may have an issue with the torque converter clutch, It can slip/grab causing a shudder. If you place your foot lightly on the brake pedal, not enough to slow the vehicle, just enough to light the brake lamps then the converter clutch should disengage. If it goes away at the time it disengages, then it is likely the transmission fluid or the converter. I have fixed a great many simply by flushing the tranny with new fluid. (make sure to use mercon 5 on this vehicle.)

I do not believe it to be the fuel pump, this will usually cause a weak engine or low power. A bad spark plug or wire can cause a miss which could feel like a jump or surge. Also look for vacuum leaks. Though a leak should cause and idle issue just as a plug or wire should cause a miss.(Not always though.)

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