If my 2001 pontiac grand is attempting to turn over but fails, do i need a fuel filter or pump?


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There are a lot of things that could cause this in a 2001 there are a lot of electronics, Is there a screw on cap on the fuel rail of the car?  If you see one you can unscrew it and it looks like a bike tire fitting that you can push the center in a little bit, BE CAREFUL gas will come out of this as it is under pressure.... If you need a pump and gas is not getting to engine there will be no gas when you push this down.  At least you know no gas is getting to the engine but it still may not be just the pump...  You can turn the key on but do not start, and have someone under the car and listen to the gas tank as that is probably where your fuel pump is. This tells you the pump is still priming and could still be good or bad... They should hear a humming sound when you turn the key to the ON position but do not start.  You can pull your fuel filter off and blow threw it in the direction the arrow shows and see if there is restriction to check your fuel filter.  If you can get it started try taking it to a auto parts store that offers free computer scan checks.

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