Is There An Oil Additive To Increase Oil Pressure In A High Mileage Engine?


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There are oil additives out there, but they are widely believed to damage the long-term reliability of your engine. Therefore, they really should be used with caution. Asking a mechanic or referring to the instruction manual that came with your car will provide you with further recommendations of the additives that you shouldn’t be using, especially if the increased oil pressure might be damaging.

Another brilliant place to visit can be discussion boards, where enthusiasts who own the same car as you can explain the different options that they have used to enhance the performance of their vehicle. There can be some surprising remedies which they will suggest, ones that you may not have heard of or thought about as a potential option. Of course, you don’t know the integrity and the knowledge of mechanics that these guys have, so do exercise caution!

At the end of the day, you need to think about if you car really requires the oil pressure to improve. If there is a general problem with the car, it’s far better to get it in for a routine check rather than to try and fix it with an additive that may worsen the situation rather than improve it. Unless you can tolerate having to hop on the bus or the train to work, or enduring the extortionate fares of taxis, you’ll probably find that it isn’t worth the risk" and taking those few extra minutes to get to work in your car’s current condition is worth the while.
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If it was my vehicle, I would use synthetic oil and add a little STP or some similar additive to the crank case when I changed the oil. The synthetic oil will give the engine a little longer life and the STP or similar product will add thickness to the clearance to the bearings and cylinders.
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Yes a super thick oil additive such as stp or Lucas oil does increase the oil pressure in hybrid cars and trucks.
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Thanks for the help. I put some Lucas synthetic additive in and it helped. I have been using Mobil1 since the truck had about 50,000 miles on it. Its about time to get a new truck.

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