How Do I Get Oil Out Of My Radiator?


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First you should find out how the oil got in there to start with and fix the problem.

Oil will float on water so you can get most of it out by just adding water (coolant?) and letting the oil float to the top so you can remove it, perhaps with a turkey baster?

There are also commercial products that will help dissolve or flush away oil in radiators.

Last resort: Have radiator removed from car and steam cleaned.
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Take it and have it flushed otherwise drain your radiator and run a water hose through until clear after that run water through the radiator full first so it can circulate and the water is hot because then whatever gunk is in there will come out.. Then flush again that way you can put your radiator fluid in there and it's clean now , but make sure you know where your problem is before putting your fluid in. Let the water hose flush it thoroughly. If you don't know how" just go to your nearest service station and have it flushed. It shouldn't cost much.

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