Do You Drive A Motorcycle Or Ride A Motorcycle?


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Ride of cause !!!!
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Yes I do and no it doesn't. I have seen training wheels on some. Funniest thing I ever saw. Thought the hubby was going to jerk them right of the bike.
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Yes, I used to own and drive a motorcycle. No, motorcycles are steered using handlebars and by shifting your weight from side to side. However, steering wheels are best when using a double-axle vehicle, since it allows you to turn the wheels farther and with less effort.
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You ride a motorcycle just like you would a bicycle or a horse. You drive a car or truck. Also you ride a four wheeler or atv. If it has handlebars you ride it steering wheel you drive it.
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Ride a bike...Ride a motorcycle.

Doesn't matter what you ride.. As long as you ride!

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You Ride A Motorcycle, dear :)

A motorcycle is better than a car, because you can sense its power and control it. Wind blow in the face, and all the problems are left behind. I love motorcycles and learn the history of their brands and logos. The most interesting for me is the history of Norton logo and brand. And soon I'll buy myself a motorcycle of this brand!

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One of my favourite kinds of transport! Although I don't ride it myself, I never lose the opportunity to ride with my friend!

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Old question, but an interesting one---

Riding a motorcycle is more acceptable in current usage than driving it, although you do drive a motorcycle while riding it. This is analogous to how people rode horses before the invention of the motorcycle, sitting on top of it (motorcycles are also called steel horses informally). With cars it is more like driving a team of horses, analogous to driving a horse carriage (cars were also called horseless carriages initially). This also has to do with the fact that you sit inside a car, rather than on top it.

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