What Is The Fastest MPH You Have Ever Driven An Automobile Or A Motorcycle?


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Russ Sloan Profile
Russ Sloan answered
160mph in a 1968 Shelby Mustang
Mati green Profile
Mati green answered
150 mph...in my 2000 Monte Carlo SS when it was new. Passed 3 Michigan State Troopers too...lol.. The first was standing outside his car and was shaking his fist at me... The second, also outside his car had one finger up and was motioning no,no.... The 3rd gave me the thumbs up...I had slowed to speed limit by then...lol.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
18 mph on my scooter
I got my 3000gt up to 199mph but never to 200 :( I GOT SPOOKED!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Just over 160 mph in a Vet I used to have. Have also done just over 140 in a pickup which still had something left in it but there were far too many deer in the area where I was so I backed off.
Lynne Dwyer Profile
Lynne Dwyer answered
91 MPH on a 76 Shovel. Ole man hit 163 on v-rod one day, just goofin around. Needless to say "Never Again"
Glen Thornbury Profile
Glen Thornbury answered
In the 70s at Daytona a friend let me ride a few laps long before the race on his road racing bike and the level of the bank I was at you had to be over 140 to ride that high and stay there! The shocks were bottomed out, and the scooter had some left in the throttle too! My head was glued to the gas tank with the "G" force!
No way to know but I'd say OVER 160 MPH!
richard Leonard Profile
richard Leonard answered
The fastest i have ever driven was on a motorcycle,
322Km/ph i think thats 200mph, it was done on a Yamaha R1 Chipped, power comander Full yoshi Pip and de-restricted....it was the best 10min of my life....

Second fastest was on my own CBR600RR at 289KM/PH think thats 180mph,
then i fell while slowing down for the corner, went into the back of my friend who was infront of me
Michael Reese Profile
Michael Reese answered
I can't drive yet but when I can I'm going to buy worlds fastest car and I wil pay 1 billion dollars for it then I'm gonna take it on the autobahn and then im gonna try to hit 250

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