How Do You Lengthen A Motorcycle Swingarm?


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larry cook answered
Take it to a machines an have them cut lenghten that way it is all straight everything lines up
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Glen Thornbury answered
I (being a welder) wouldn't allow ANYONE in ANY bike shop to weld on my swing arm! There are lot of places that sell DOT approved ones. That have been tested and x-rayed and the welder was tested for that weld, and your life is riding on it, FOR REAL!

If I, a welder, were buying one I would pay the extra money and get chrome moly, it doesn't bend! And is a lot lighter, and sprung weight is super important!
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Buy a new one
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Shalin Choksi answered
A swingarm is a part of modern motorcycles. It is the main component of the rear suspension. It holds the rear axle while pivoting vertically and allows the suspension to absorb the bumps on the road. Lengthening of a swingarm involves dismantling the rear portion of the bike. It is a complicated procedure. It would be better if it is taken to a professional mechanic. He would be able to fix it properly without causing any damage to the bike. Swingarms are usually lengthened to install bigger tyres. There are many types of swingarms available. Some of them are twinshock and monoshock.

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