How Can I Travel From Philadelphia To Montreal By Train?


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It is possible to travel from Philadelphia to Montreal by train using the Amtrak service. The Amtrak website can be accessed at There are typically two trains that travel on this route per day and it is necessary to change at New York along the way.

An example of the train journey between Philadelphia and Montreal begins with a 5.52 am departure from Philadelphia. This train then travels to New York on a journey that takes approximately one and a half hours. The train arrives in New York at 7.17 am.

Passengers are then required to wait at the New York station for an hour before boarding the 8.15 am departure to Montreal. This leg of the journey lasts for nearly 11 hours and the train arrives in Montreal at 7.10 pm.

The costs involved in the journey will vary depending on what class you are traveling in. Amtrak offer First Class, Sleeper Service, Business Class and Coach Class.

• First Class

First Class has larger seats, a complimentary food and drink service as well as free newspapers and hot towels. Kept separate from other coaches on the train, First Class is the most expensive service.

• Sleeper Service

On long train journeys, particularly those that travel through the night, passengers have the option to pay for a sleeper service. Bedrooms are available with complimentary meals, towels and attendant service.

• Business Class

With some of the aspects of First Class, Business Class is a way to travel out of Coach Class but does not cost as much the top level coaches. Passengers have larger seats and free newspapers.

• Coach Class

The cheapest way to travel, Coach Class is the most basic of the four and passengers are just designated a seat. On some journeys there will be the option to have food and drink at a cost.

Traveling between Philadelphia and Montreal can be done by train with Amtrak. It is possible that there are other services running between the two destinations, so search online to compare them.

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