What Is The Distance From New York To Washington Or Philadelphia? Either By Train Or Bus And Which Is Cheaper?


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To answer your question about traveling from New York to Washington, DC and from New York to Philadelphia, PA by train and bus I have listed one scheduled trip for each. I will give you the Website for Amtrak and Greyhound so you can check on other times and fares.

Depart New York City Penn Station 10:35am and arrive in Washington, Union Station at 2:00pm. Time: 3 hours 25 min. Fare $111.00, Snack car available. Reserved/Coach seat. Reginal Service #95. Business service cost $157.00. Mileage is not given.

Depart New York Penn Station 10:35am and arrive at Philadelphia 30th Street Station, (PHL) at 11:55am. Time: 1hour 20 min. Fare $68.00, Snack car available. Reserved/Coach seat. Regional Service. Or, you can travel on the Pennsylvanian and depart 10:50 am-12:17 pm. Time: 1hour 27 min. Snack car available. Reserved/Coach. Fare $45.00. Mileage not available.

Website is tickets.amtrak.com a page will appear, click on the blue word "amtrak" and then fill in departure and arrival locations and click. A new page will appear with the complete schedule of the day. You can purchase online or in person at the train station.

Traveling by Greyhound Bus from New York City to Washington, DC. Depart Penn Station 11:00am and arrive at the Philadelphia 30th street station at 3:30 pm. Time 4 hours 30min. Carrier is GLI. Fare $37.00. Ticket must be purchased two hours prior to departure time. You cannot purchase tickets online unless, there is a special fare being offered, which is as low as $12.00 one way.

New York to York to Philadelphia 30th street station. Depart 10:00am and arrive 1:10pm. Time: 3 hours 30 min with one transfer. Fare $27.50. This is a limited service bus stop, which means carry on luggage and drop off. Distance 96 miles.

Website is www.greyhound.com When page appears, click on the blue word Greyhound. A new page will appear. Enter your departure and arrival information and click to get the complete schedule with times and fares. Mileage is not always available for all schedules.
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