How Long Does It Take To Travel From Seattle To New York By Foot, Train, Car And Plane?


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I assume that means New York City, not just the state.

Straight line distance is (GoogleEarth says), from Seattle-Tacoma airport to Newark (good as any other for NYC): 2397 miles / 3859 km.

Plane.  Allow a little time in take-off pattern or holding patterns before landing, you're looking at about 5 and a half hours in flight (confirmed on Expedia).  And then you'd have some taxis both ends, security to get through, luggage pick up, so could consider the entire journey time, door-to-door, to be about 9 hours.

Train: Amtrak says almost 68 hours (nearly 4 days), Seattle station to NY Penn Station.  Typical route includes 4 hour stop-over in Chicago.

Car: Driving with a friend and sleeping en route and rarely getting out of the car, you could do it in just over 48 hours.  More like 6 days for the sane.  2851 miles.

Foot: As long as you like.  Assume it's a 3200 mile walk, and you only want to walk 32 miles a day.  That's 100 days of walking plus some rest days.

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