Can I Travel By Boat Direct From UK To USA ?


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Although people usually choose to travel from the United Kingdom to the United States of America by aeroplane, there is also the available option of using some form of boat to traverse the Atlantic Ocean. However, you should bear in mind that due to the extra fuel costs of a large ship in comparison to an aeroplane, as well as the extra cost for accommodation and food during the much longer boat journey, travelling by boat is a more expensive alternative to flying. Indeed, because of the length of the journey it is often seen as a trip which emphasises luxury over convenience or speed. From the 1840's to around the 1950's, most people chose to cross the Atlantic on a liner, with first the 'Britannia' and later the 'Queen Mary' and the 'Queen Elizabeth' being the most celebrated examples. This was because traditionally going by boat was the only possible way of travelling from England to America, and although the number of ships making the journey between the countries has dropped since the development of cheap air travel, nevertheless some companies do still offer the opportunity. British company Cunard still offers three cruise ships which make the journey within one to two weeks. The trip can be booked on its website You can also go onto to book a place on a freight making the transatlantic crossing throughout the year. If you are looking for a less conventional way of making the journey, every year some adventurous people choose to use sail boats, or else another kind of small, manually driven boat, to cross from the United Kingdom to America. This will inevitably take much longer to complete the journey, and requires a large amount of boating experience, planning, safety equipment etc. To be a viable option.
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I'd try that first, its an awfully long swim.
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Do any other companies offer boat travel to usa?
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Yeah, it is really possible  to to travel by boat from UK to USA.. It will be fantastic and romantic time to enjoying your tour. So no issue, you can plan to go to UK to USA....

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It's all depends on the timing & money that you have. If You have lots of spare time then you could chose to travel through boat. One more thing I would like to add is, choosing boat as a option for traveling will be a bit costlier.
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Yes you can travel by boat but it usually takes a longer time.
Note your journey will be long oh and I think its less costly
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You could but it could be dangorus. Because a storm can happen and you can end up being lost at sea.

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