What Are The External Dimensions Of An Ldv Convoy 400 Minibus?


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What is the external measurements of ldv 400 convoy minibus 17 seats,flat roof
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Mary Frederick answered
The external dimensions of an LVD Convoy 400 are not available. However, the cu.ft measurements are given on some of those I previewed. The exterior dimensions would of course be determined by the interior seating capacity. There are a great number of websites with LVD 400 Convoy's for sale and rent, internationally. The Convoy was first built in 1997 and the last LVD 400 Convoy MInivan was built in 2006. The Convoy has been replaced by the LDV Maxus.

The seating capacity for LDV 400 Convoy runs from 2 seats to 17 seats. The are many of them for sale and many of these have low mileage. You can pictures of many of the for sale minivans across Europe and the United States. The convoy was a favourite van among police forces because of its flexibility to be used for so many different purposes.

If, you enter the words (LDV 400 Convoy Minibus) into a Search bar and click you will discover over 600 websites with pictures and information. The wheel base, tonnage, number of seats, cost, age, mileage and some even tell the reasons for which the minivan was used. Some have wheel chair lifts, and some have been used as school buses or taxicabs.

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