What Is The Function Of Flywheel?


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The most important function of a flywheel on a car engine is to store and release rotational energy as the engine crankshaft rotates.

This allows the engine to run smoother then it would otherwise be.

Single cylinder engines have the greatest need for a flywheel as they in general have less rotating mass as well as longest time between power strokes. Multi cylinder engines can have progressively lower mass flywheels as they have greater rotational mass and more power strokes per rev.
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One use is it has a gear around it that the starter engages to to turn the engine over to crank,if its a manual trans it engages with the clutch to make it move.
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The fly wheel is what provide power to the transmission from the engine,, manual trans us a clutch to connect them,, automatic trans use a torque converter,, also allows the the starter t turn the engine over so it will start
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Provide working surface to the clutch lining to draw out power from engine. Otherwise smooth the power transmits to clutch assembly with minimum vibration.

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