How To Change Spark Plugs On A 2004 Nissan Titan?


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Changing spark plugs on a 2004 Nissan Titan is a reasonably easy task that does not have to be carried out by a professional. Carrying out the following steps should be a simple and quite quick process. Before starting, make sure that there is the right equipment available. This includes new spark plugs, a torque wrench, a spark plug socket, a set of feeler blades and some hose and copper grease if possible. Also make sure that the ignition is switched off and that the engine is not still hot.

• First, open the hood and remove any parts necessary so that you can reach the spark plugs and the high tension (HT) leads. Identify the leads and unplug them. Brush away any dirt around the spark plugs and unscrew them. Have a quick look for any oil or soot around the plugs as this could be an indicator of another problem.
• Next, use the feeler blades to check the electrode gap of the new plugs. Find out what the gap should be for the Nissan Titan and adjust if necessary. Some spark plugs won't be adjustable.
• If you have copper grease, smear it on the threads of each new plug and screw them into the holes. This is when you can also use the length of flexible hose to try and start it. Using a hose will also help prevent and damage being done if you slip or get cross threaded.
• Use the torque wrench to do the final tightening of the spark plugs. This will stop any risk of them being too tight or too loose.
• Finally, reconnect the HT leads and any other components that you removed from underneath the bonnet and try starting your car. If nothing happens, there could be a chance that you have connected the HT leads the wrong way round.

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