How Fast Dose A Lotus Elise Go?


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The Lotus Elise can reach 0-60 MPH in roughly 4.9 seconds and the sports package hits 0-60 in 4.7 seconds. The Lotus Elise is manufactured by Lotus Cars.

The Elise has been in production ever since the year 1995 and presently Lotus is working on a next generation model for the Lotus Elise which is due in mid 2007. The Lotus Elise falls under the Roadster Category.

The body style available in the Lotus Elise is a 2-Door convertible and a 2-door Coupe. The car is related to the Lotus Exige. The Lotus Elise is named after the grand daughter of the Chairman of Lotus Cars at that time. It was named after Romano Artioli's grand daughter Elisa. The Lotus Elise is priced at around 42,990 US dollars. This price has been put up on the official Lotus cars website.
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An Elise is a mouse compared to a ford mustang super snake. While the Elise has barely 300 horse power allowing it to go 160-165 mph. A mustang super snake having 600 horsepower can reach speeds up to 215 mph. So in other words an Elise is a really bad car in comparison to a Mustang super snake or a mustang GT.

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