What Is The Differences Between Scientific Properties Of Diesel And Petrol Fuel?


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Following are the differences between petrol and diesel.
1. Diesel is heavier that is 850 grams per liter than petrol 720 g/L.
2. Diesel is oilier than petrol.
3. Diesel releases about 40.9 mega joules (MJ) per liter, whereas petrol fuel releases 34.8 MJ/L.
4. Diesel is less refined than petrol.
5. Diesel evaporates slowly than petrol.
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In a petrol engine the combustion takes place when a petrol air mixture is compressed and ignited by an electric spark which forces the piston to move whereas in diesel engine only air is compressed rather than fuel and air mixture and at the end of the compression stroke the fuel is directly injected into the combustion chamber by a fuel injection pump.

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