How Old Do You Have To Be To Sit In The Front Seat Of A Car?


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Assuming you live in England there are various rules about children sitting in the front seat of a car at different ages and heights. A child may sit in the front seat as long they are over the age of three and use the correct car seat. Details of specific examples and exceptions can be found at:

However, summarily: A child of age three or below must be in a car seat (forward facing). When a child is between three and fourteen (or above a height of 1.35 meters) must use the correct restraint for their age and weight. Once a child is above 1.35m at 12, or after their fourteenth birthday they can sit anywhere in the passenger seats as long as they are wearing a seatbelt. In conclusion, a child may sit anywhere in the car, as long as they are using the proper restraints. If you are found to be breaking the rules and are stopped by the police you could be subject to a fine up to £500.
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Well, legally a child must be at least 12 years of age in order to be able to ride in the front seat of the car. The height limit is 4'10" and the weight must be 90lbs and above. So your niece cannot ride in the front seat of  the car.
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Probable 10 but it depends on how much it weighs like over 85 pounds and how tall like 30 inches.
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I know it depends on the weight as well. I hear its 80 lbs. To be able to ride in the passenger seat. So I would say 12 would be their right age.
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Those laws vary by states. You can call your local police department for an exact age.  Manufacturers recommend that children under the age of 12 not be up front because of the injuries an air bag can cause.
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The real truth is that when you want to sit in the front you have to be 13 years or older. OR you can be over a certain number of pounds'. If you want to check to make sure go on the government website.
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I think 11 is a good age. Height maters to. I'd say 4 feet and a half or so. Weight also counts. I would say 65 lb and up.
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Its not how how you have to be its how much your suppose to weight but it is 120 to be safe
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I think you need to be 10 and you need to weigh 70 pounds but if you want to be safe I would say 11 and 80 pounds to make sure just don't get in a rack
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In Canada, the law is that a child must be at least 12 yrs old.  Air bags do kill.
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I think here in PA. When your old enough to be out of a car seat you can sit up front but your laws might be different where you live.
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I'm Dianne Marshal
  I need to insinuate that kids under 14 should not ride  in the front seat of a car
  I came from  very important incorporation
  I will prove my point and I soon will overturn the law

  Dianne Marshal
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Nowayim tellingyou
I was always under the impreshion that you had to be 12 or older and 4'10" and had to weigh at least 90 pounds
I'm very sertan of this it is a FACT
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You can be a day old and ride in the front seat. There is no law against it. To ride in the front seat you should be 13. There are just suggestions. There is a law for car seats though. (at least in my state.)
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For "shotgun" you have to be 10 or older I would say, but it mostly depends on your height. I believe you should be at least 5 feet tall or so!♥☻☺♠♣♦○◘•
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Have a check in your DMV State Law handbook. You can get one at your nearest DMV or unless if they have it on website.
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12 everybody knows that but I'm 11 and my parents let me sit in the front. Because theres not enough room in the back
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I believe you should be 10, but at least 4 ft 10 and at least 92 pounds. That is just my opion.
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I think yall are right but I'm eight to and I'm just wondering if I can 2 but I think I can't but it can be eight has to be over 12
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There is no law in Florida that says you have to be a certain age to ride in the front seat, but I have read that the back seat is safer for kids.  But you have to have a car seat or child seat for your kids if they are under 3 and if they are 5 or under 5 then you have to use either a special seat or a child seat or seat belt.  Here is where I learned it if you want to go see the laws about kids riding in cars in Florida.  
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well you might have to go to child restraint search on this site

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