Which Country Buys The Most Rolls Royce Cars?


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It's still the USA, and then Britain. Galloping up at number 3, though is... China. The annual increase in Chinese sales was 60% in 2006. Until recently the number three global market for Rolls Royce motor cars was Japan.

In December 2006 a Chinese property developer (based in Beijing) bought the most expensive Rolls Royce ever made. It was custom-made, cost US $2.2 million, is 23 feet long, and features 2 rows of rear seats facing each other.

In the same week, In the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong received the largest ever single order of Rolls Royce Phantoms (14 vehicles). These vehicles take 350 man-hours to build, and feature leather trim and burr walnut veneer everywhere. The Peninsula has also many times held the past record for the largest number of Rolls bought in a single order.

Rolls Royce is currently undergoing booming sales and profit increases. Not so long ago Rolls Royce's motor car division was in a bit of a duldrums. Sales were falling and it looked the appetite for the hand-made luxury vehicles was waning. Some of the reviews pretty much said "These cars aren't interesting any more".
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In Europe Rolls Royce sells 12 of its luxurious limousines a year in Belgium. No other country in Europe does better, not even the wealthy Monaco nor Switzerland. The most popular model is the Phantom with a price tag of 358.000 Euro. The Rolls Royce Ghost is the cheapest with a price tag starting from 230.000 Euro.

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