If You Could Have Any Car, Which Would It Be?


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I would have 1967 shelby. I love elanor.
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Sue answered
My choice would be a Monte Carlo special edition Dale Sr. car. It is totally sporty and it does reflect your personality. I am an Earnhardt fan.
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Senxy Myoku answered
I want Audi R8, Ferrari and Helicopter ^.^
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libbie millard answered
It would be a mystange.
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adnan shoukat answered
A Ferrari

Because it gives the casual expressions to the viewers as i am young so that is the main reason.

Yes a choice of the shows all about the personality as if someone has sports car then it shows the casual behavior of the owner
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Glen Thornbury answered
Nad it would be a one ton Hum Be, with a big as the law allows on the road sailboat.
The reason is I'm planning to retire and live on that boat the rest of my life, I earned it by being force to be away from people most of my life!

That's why a cowboy is, lets say, above the average IQ, but working cattle and running Senators ranches!
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sami ullah answered
I like A Ferrari because this car is considered to be the one of most stylish cars in the world and symbol of youth. young people want to live causal life and Ferrari is best to display causal outlook. it is fuel economical too.

Yes a car depicts one's personality as it shows your behavior, your choice and your favorite color.

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