Can You Have Two Insurance Policies On One Car?


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A lot of people on other websites have answered this, but clearly were guessing (no one backed it up with a valid resource).
I have two policies on one of my cars, due to my wife's' bad driving record would cost twice as much if I added her to the main policy covering all the cars (she is an excluded driver from the main policy). So I have a secondary policy for when she drives the one car. There is a clear division here, she is excluded as a driver by policy A, but is a named driver in policy B. But only for the one auto.
Certainly if SHE is driving and an accident occurs, then her policy kicks in, and I would not even call the other company, as they would have no involvement. You can have two life insurance policies for yourself, so there is nothing that says you cannot have two policies for one car. (Of course you could get tagged for fraud if you tried to collect on both for once incident).
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My son is insured as the main driver, his partner is down as a named driver, she says she is not gathering any "No Claims Discount/Bonus", she reckons she can (via another insurer) that she
can get insured by asking her Dad to be the main driver she again as a named driver to get NCD/B, on my son's car.

I don't think this is possible she has to have her own car and be the main driver to gather NCD/B. Can any body HELP? Answer this question.

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Sure you can but they wont both pay out if you have an accident. Don't you pay those blood suckers enough money with one policy?

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