How Do You Change The Instrument Cluster On A Bmw 735i?


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What year? Never mind, I think all 3/5/6/7 series from the early 80's to about 1990 are very similar. For example, the instrument cluster in an 85' 528e comes out with only two phillips head screws. Bend your head down towards the bottom of the steering wheel & LOOK UP...there should be x2 slightly hidden screws facing up securing the cluster to the dash. Remove them & pry the cluster out at it's sides using a butter knife or whatever. Extend the telescoping steering column out fully to give you as much room as possible, then peer behind the cluster & make note of where the wiring goes. There isn't much...start w/the two or three thin single wires on your left with colored (white, blue & ?) plastic tabs where they connect to the cluster, they pull right off...again, make note of which goes where first! There now should be two wiring harnesses that terminate into two large plastic tabs...they DO NOT pull right off. You have to reach back in there w/a small flat head screwdriver & release the retainer on the end of the tabs...wiggle them off towards the front of the car - not all the way off, just about 1/2" or so, then the large tabs can be pulled off. When you reconnect the two harnesses, simply push those little retainer bits back on to keep the harnesses in place. Once the wiring is off, Houdini the cluster out from behind the steering wheel...yes it's a little tight, but not all that difficult to do. From there you can replace light bulbs or install a new NI-CAD battery circuit board if your instruments have gone screwy. Both items are available from Bavarian Motor Sport (800 535 2002) in New Hampshire, along with free advice! Good luck :)

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