My Speedometer Stoped Working On My 1999 BMW 528i. What Could Be Wrong?


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First, these don't use speedo cables, they us stepper motors.  It is a difficult fix, but if you can get your hands on a stepper motor, this may be the problem.  Also, bmw uses pins that push through the circuit board for grounding but are not soldered.  Check for proper grounding.   It's not an easy fix because you need a special tool to hold the shaft so you can pull the needle off thats attached.  Good Luck!
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Fixing a broken BMW will require extensive use of the correct tools. The first tool would be a phone book in which you will find the address of your nearest BMW dealer. Take your Bimmer there and using the second tool, your check book, effect the repair. Since we're talking '99 bimmer here, that second tool is in for a frequent work out. Good luck and just figure you didn,t need new clothes and a hair cut anyway.
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Who knows? Except the three above people!

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