Why Does My Security Light Blink On The Dash Of My 1997 Buick LeSabre And Causes The Car Not To Start Or Even Roll Over?


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Try unhooking your battery cables, so your security "resets".
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Turn the key to the on position and leave it there for 10 to 15 minutes. The security system will reset itself and the car will restart.p.s. This info is in your owners manual.
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The owner's manual says this: "When the Pass-Key II system senses that someone is using the wrong key, it shuts down the vehicle's starter and fuel systems. For about three minutes, the starter won't work and fuel won't go to the engine. "Using another key during the three minute shut down will not work either. "This discourages someone from randomly trying different keys with different resistor pellets (the little metal bumps on the sides of the key) in an attempt to make a match."

What caused the sensor to misread your key? Sometimes if you stick the key in to fast, it misreads the bumps and shuts down the system thinking someone is trying to steal the car. Other times it may have some dust or dirt particles on it and this too will make it hard to recognize for the sensor system. When this happens, wait patiently for three minutes. Take the key out of the ignition and wipe it off and try again when the security light goes out.

If these examples do not work, you need to take the care to your nearest Buick dealer and have them check the key with a multimeter and possibly make you s new key.
Do not take it to your neighborhood locksmith. "Take it to an authorized Buick dealer!"

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