How Do You Time A 1987 Chevy Nova (4a) 4cyl Motor?


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Ronnie Maye answered
Are you saying that when you crank the engine over with the starter that the distributor does not turn? If that is what is happening, you may have a broke timing belt or a pin sheered off in the distributor, letting the gear turn but not the dist. Shaft. Check the belt to see if it is broken. Once the timing is set the computer will control the timing as needed. If the distributor has not been turned or moved, then it is not out of time there.
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Robert Ferguson answered
Take out the # one spark plug put a string in where the plug was and hold the other end. Then have some one turn the engine till the piston comes to the top. That will be top dead center. Pull the this. Cap turn the rotor to # one and that will be it on the money...

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