How Do You Change The Oil In A 90hp Suzuki Four Stroke Motor?


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Robert Reiff answered
You need to run the motor for 10 -15 minutes to get the oil warm.  Remove the upper cowling and remove the starboard side lower cowling (this will gain you access to the filter).  Trim the motor up slightly and turn it to the right slightly.  Remove the allen head drain plug on the side of the drive shaft housing (Below the power head).  A 5 gallon bucket will catch the oil nicely.  Install plug after oil is finished draining.  There is a thick rubber seal below the oil filter remove that and trim the motor horizontal.  Remove the oil filter and install new one.  Put everything back together and fill with oil.  Should be about 4.2 quarts if my memory is correct.  Run the engine for 5-6 seconds and check oil level.   Add as needed.  Turn the key to the on position (NOT START) and pull out on the red Safety shutoff switch (What the safety lanyard is connected to) 3 or 4 times and you will get a warning horn that goes off.  That will reset the oil change hour meter on the motor.

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