Where Is The Blower Motor Resistor On A Chevy Venture?


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I have a 2000 Venture Warner Bros edition, but I think that trim level is irrelevant.  I just did this last night so I am very familiar with the operation.

Remove the baffle below the glove has a couple of pins that hold it low and three trim screws up high.  Just yank the upper screws out, as they pop back into place.  When you look down in the foot well now, you'll see the blower motor.  Behind it with a 7-wire harness is the resistor pack.  It has three 3/4" long screws that hold it in.  Two are darn hard to get to, the third, practically impossible, without wrenching by feel.  Remove the 7-wire harness and disconnect a two-wire harness that goes to the motor.  The easiest screw is in the middle of the base of the resistor pack on the edge closest to you.  It takes a 5.5mm socket to get it out - anything else does not fit right.  The other two screws are on the right rear and left rear corners of the base.  Since the back screws are so close to the firewall, they are 1/8 turn at a time.  Try using a you-joint and 1/4 compact ratchet if you have one.  You can do this with enough patience and DON'T to remove the blower motor.  I picked up a resistor pack at a chain store for $35-40, so it is a cheap repair that instantly makes driving more comfortable.
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07/18/09 - I just finished replacing the resistor pack on our 2001 Venture. Takes an hour or more. The best approach is to use one of those 1/4" flexible shaft (like a spring) "nut driver's", and attach a 5/16" socket. I did remove and replace the fan motor assemblly which I think made it a lot easier. There are two of the three screws that hold the resistor pack in place that are way in back, and they will be your real challenge. Be patient.

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