I have a 2001 nissan primera the engine is getting very hot the gauge goes into the red! I have water in tank but it seems its not getting through as i can hear bubbling or boiling when i switch car off? Can i put water straight into radiator when en


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Ray Dart answered
Firstly, only ever put cold water in a cold engine.
Secondly, even if you think the radiator is empty, only ever remove the rad cap when the engine is pretty cold.

Your thermostat has almost certainly gone, it's a 10-year-old car, so it was bound to go soon anyway. These fail in the "closed" position, so water ceases to circulate properly.

It's well-hidden on the Primera, but not impossible to replace by anyone who knows their way around the cooling system. It's a cheap part, probably will cost you less than a tenner (UK).
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Arthur Wright answered
I agree with Ray here, never don't even ever open the radiator cap if extremely hot or you will get burned beyond belief and yes check the Thermostat here as its sounds like its no longer good

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