I have a 2001 chevy blazer and it will crank and is getting 60 psi fuel pressure and spark but will not start. Any advice would be greatly appreciated?


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Arthur Wright answered
Sounds like timing may be slightly off or timing chain is off or broken so try there
Jason Parsons Profile
Jason Parsons answered
Clogged or bad injectors assuming that you are testing the fuel pressure in the line, ineffective exhaust removal (bad valve operation or obstructed flow), or the computer sending bad firing information, like being out of time on a distributor style engine. It could be a bad fuel to air ratio or just bad gas also. How old is the gas in it? I hate to be so general but without hearing and/or seeing it myself its all I have. Comment with more specifics and I'll try to be more helpful. Try and describe what it sounds like or anything else that may be relevant. In these cases it is usually something simple but obscure that just hasn't dawned on us yet.

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