How Much Dose It Cost To Convert A 4x2 F 150 To 4x4?


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It depends on the year that you are doing.
If you have a 1990-1996 F150 it is a direct swap and I did mine in about 9 hrs by my self.
I had sitting in front of me my original 1994 F150 2 wheel drive with the 300 6 cylinder and a manual 5 speed.
Either go to a Pull A Part  or buy a parts truck.
I had access to a 1980 Ford F150 parts truck so the parts I removed were as follows, the transmission, transfer case with the(floor shifter for transfer case NON ELECTRONIC), front and rear driveshaft, front radius arms with the front hogshead.
Check your rear end gear ratio in your truck and see what ratio it is from the tag on one of the rear cover bolts.
Common ratio is a 3.55 gear.
I left my stock rear end in the truck because the front ended up being the same ratio, do not have mixed gear ratios this will cause heavy damage to the truck.
My parts truck had a C6 transmission so I just used that in my 94.
I later changed the transmission from the C6 to a AOD- automatic overdrive because I was running 65 mph @ 3000 rpm’s, switching to the aod transmission changed this to 60 mph @1700 rpm’s.
A good friend saw what I did and he wanted to do his 93 so we went to Pull A Part and got all of the above items for under $450.00.
If I would rate the difficulty of this swap I would rate it at a 4 out of a 1-10 scale and 10 being really difficult.
Most important thing to remember with this swap is use a transfer case from a older model that has the 4x4 shift lever on the floor do not use a push button electric type that are on the newer 93 and up..
Mine has been finished and a daily driver for the past 2 years and I even plow snow with mine.
I hope this helps clear things up.
Dan in Indianapolis,Ind

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