How Do I Replace A Passenger Side View Mirror?


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Their is three torx screws,one is on the side of the door,one at the bottom of the door, and the third one is cover behind the door release handle, you need a small screwdriver to pry the little round cover. You must disconnect the door unlock/lock switch. Then their is a small bolt at door gripper, look at the bottom of the pocket (bolt size is 7mm socket). Disconnect Pry the cover
loose and disconnect the window switch. Next, you need a 2 flat pry bar, you need to pry the pegs out, they are around the entire door panel and two on top of of door panel. Their is a little speaker, it is hold by two metal tabs, pry it and pull it straight out; now you have three nuts(12mm socket) holding the mirror. When you install the mirror, don't over tighten the three nuts, hook up the cable to the mirror and check it to see the mirror adjust and working.When that is checked out, reinstall what you disconnected or removed; meaning reverse what you have done. Make sure the wiring out before you put the door panel in and check the system on the door lock and power window before you push the tabs the door panel up against the door frame.
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Well the question was HOW do you replace the mirror?  I would like to know this too -
I have bought a new one and now need to take the old mirror off and replace it with the new one.  How does one do this?  Or is it necessary to go to a mechanic?
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Remove the door cover and the mirror is held on by two screws. Remove them and replace the mirror.

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